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A haven within a haven

A bedroom should be a place of refuge, the inner sanctum of a home--the master bedroom more than any other. We firmly believe that in addition to being able to sleep in your bedroom, you should be able to relax (or work when necessary) in true refuge, in a place where neither your children nor your guests feel privileged to enter. Bedrooms are a natural place for textiles to shine, and we place great focus on textiles and details within master bedrooms, as well as on making sure that they are equipped with everything that you as a client need to find rest, no matter the time of day.

Master Bedroom: Projects


When the owners bought it, there was a built-in bed roughly between these two chairs, with two structural piers making up its headboard.  While this provided the occupants with an incredible morning view, it only accommodated a queen bed, due to the swing of the French doors leading to the deck and the view. Perhaps more important though, the "sitting area" (now the sleeping area) was in a space that no one would want to sit. By moving the bed, we were able to preserve the dawn view for the clients (as the bed faces east), and place the sitting area square in front of the view. We buried the structural piers in the wall where the picture is now, and created two walk in closets and a dressing area.



The generous (52") lounge chairs provide a place to relax and sink into an afternoon nap above and away from the hustle bustle of the rest of the house. The skylights (present when purchased) above the bed let our clients look at the stars without ever leaving the bed.


The headboard from this bed is made from a Chinese screen with carved jade stone. The screen itself was with the house when the clients bought it, serving as a screen that could be lowered to hide the catering kitchen (and the caterers) from the dining room. When it was taken down, we saw that what we thought was just an old lacquered and painted screen was actually set with intricately carved semi-precious stone. We didn't know how we would use it at first, but use it we knew we would. Then, struggling with finding an inspired choice for the bed, it dawned on us that we might be able to re-purpose the screen as headboard for the master bedroom. We rushed to measure the wall height and the width of the bed and found that by removing a single panel it would be the perfect size for a California King-size bed. From there, the rest of the decor for the room emerged, including the custom duvet and shams.

Master Bedroom: Projects
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